An image from our Facebook Live with Lisa Heinrich, detailing why you should attend the Roseville 2018 business event.

Facebook Live Recap: Why Attend The Roseville 2018 Business Event

Did you miss our exciting Facebook Live event this Tuesday, February 27th? We sat down with Roseville 2018 co-chair Lisa Heinrich. 2018 is Lisa’s second year with the event and she’s honored to be co-chairing the event with Vance this year. This business event has been taking place for almost 20 years and it’s become an exciting annual celebration for the business community here in Placer County and the Sacramento Area!

From why face-to-face networking is important to how you can convince your boss to let you go, here’s the advice Lisa had for attendees and potential attendees like you!

An image from our Facebook Live with Lisa Heinrich, detailing why you should attend the Roseville 2018 business event.

Highlights From Facebook Live With Lisa: Why Attend Roseville 2018

What can people expect location-wise?

Lisa: We’re going to be at @The Grounds. The Placer County Fairgrounds have undergone an $8 million dollar renovation. They have spruced up their buildings, they have freshened up the landscape, they have improved the property tremendously, including parking! It’s easy to get there – it’s in Roseville, right off of Washington Boulevard. We’re going to have an expanded venue, physically, which is going to be exciting.

The event is growing, so now we’re going to be able to really map out the flow and have different venues there to really utilize that space. We’re not going to feel pressured to say “oh my gosh, what if we get too many people?” We can grow.

This is a marvelous, regional venue. And our local businesses can take advantage of having that venue there for future conferences. It’s such an enhanced public space that all of us moving forward are going to be able to enjoy.

So, this is an all day business event?

Lisa: This event is from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. We have three breakout sessions in the morning, and the topics of those have yet to be determined. We did a survey of chamber members to find out what was top-of-mind for business owners. So right now we’re using that to formulate the topics for our three breakout sessions. (Stay tuned!)  

Our lunch program will be a panel discussion. We’ve got a very provocative topic that we can’t share yet, but it’s something that I think everyone will absolutely embrace, it’s very top-of-mind.

Why should employers send their staff to this business event?

Lisa: It’s important for employers to send their staff! We have something really fun on the website – if you’re an employee and want to approach your employer about attending, check out the “Convince Your Boss” section of the site. There’s even a letter template you can use!

As an organizational development expert, I’ve worked with a lot of companies and a lot of teams. It’s all about professional development, employee development, and continuous improvement. This event provides all that, it’s a great platform!

We would also love to have young professionals come. We have a great Ignite group at the Chamber. Let’s get some young professionals out there who really want to develop and grow! You’ll be able to connect with a multicultural, multigenerational presence there and access experts to learn and grow. It’s phenomenal.

Tell us about the opportunity for face-to-face connection.

Lisa: We’re talking about having incubator nests, these areas around the grounds where you can grab a cup of coffee and talk to someone. Whether it’s a networking opportunity, or if you’ve met someone you want to collaborate with.

We also want to elevate our board presence at the event. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity for those attending to talk to our chamber board members. These are leaders in the community, these are individuals who have great knowledge about living in roseville, doing business in roseville, the quality of life here.

We have the physical space to flow and expand, it’s going to be a great opportunity for people to access others.

Can you hint on what the breakout topic might be and how they’ll benefit small businesses?

Lisa: Topics that our survey respondents expressed interest in were the cost of doing business in California, workforce development, trust and ethics, technology.

These are things that we’ve been thinking about and talking about. We’re looking at involving different industries – retail, tech, hospitality. In fact, one of the breakout sessions already has a working title that I can share! It’s gonna be The Buzz: Wired For Business. We’re going to have some key influencers and experts that will talk about varying aspects around technology, around the future, culture and the human factor. These are things that are top-of-mind for our business owners. This can include online purchasing.

Lisa: When I went to my very first one of these, Roseville 2016, I’d only been here like 3 days. I was astounded at how open and friendly and professional people are. I was able to talk to the CEO of Sutter and the marketing director at Raley’s!

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, come prepared. When I go to a business event, I always ask. What don’t I know? What do I want to know? How do I want to elevate my thinking? How do I want to come away with a point of view I may not have had before?

Ready to be a part of your local business community? Get your ticket!