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Facebook Live Recap: Sponsoring Roseville 2018!

Did you catch our Facebook Live event with Kevin Hernandez of the Roseville Chamber of Commerce on Monday, March 19th? We sat down to talk about all things sponsorship – including the benefits that come with sponsoring, what the event will be like, and more! Read on to learn all the exciting details, and become a sponsor today.

Highlights From Facebook Live With Kevin: Sponsor Roseville 2018

Today we’re going to talk about sponsorship opportunities, what they are, different levels what you can do to sponsor the event. Can you tell us a little more about that?  

We have several opportunities available for Roseville 2018. If you’re interested, they range from about $600 all the way to about $5,000. That depends on what kind of advertisement you want for your business. The $600 level is a half table. You don’t get a booth, but you will be listed in our program for the event and on the website. If you’re looking to get tickets to the luncheon PLUS a booth you’ll want to look more at the booth level sponsorships – the silver, the gold, or the diamond.

The booths are the place to be, right?

The booths are the place to be! What’s so great about Roseville 2018 is that it brings in such a huge variety of people. There’s attendees from small businesses all the way to large corporations like Kaiser and Sutter. It really brings in a huge variety of people, so a booth is what you want to do if you’re going to spend the money to sponsor this event.


Danielle Roe Events and Tytanium Ideas will both have booths at the event. They see the value as small businesses in getting to meet the 700+ people who will be there.

There were 750 attendees last year from 60 different industries, and 70 different booths. It was packed. Did you ever hear from those businesses?

I didn’t hear anybody walk away disappointed. Danielle Roe Events has met three of their top clients at one of these events. The larger sponsors, like Kaiser, Mercy San Juan, and Union Pacific, have been sponsoring this event for a long time, and they really see the value in this event. Thanks, guys!

Does a person who wants to sponsor have to be a member?

Absolutely not. We would hope that you see value in this event and would want to become a member of the chamber because we do so many great events throughout the year, but no, for all of our events you do not have to be a member.

Talk about the different sponsorships, lowest to highest, what does a company get?

  • Half Table
    • $600
    • A half table gets a half table at the luncheon, five tickets, program recognition, and your company listed on the Roseville 2018 website.
  • Booth
    • $750
    • You get two tickets to the event, plus a booth.
  • Full Table
    • $1,000
    • Ten tickets to the luncheon.
  • Silver
    • $1500
    • Full table, plus an exhibitor booth.
  • Gold
    • $2500
    • Full table, logo recognition, one booth, a social media mention on the R18 page, among other benefits.
  • Diamond
    • $5,000
    • Full table, two booths, logo recognition, and more benefits!

Click here for more information on sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

This would be great for a person who wants to send their sales team out to meet new people.

Absolutely. If you’re a company that gets a table of ten, you can send anyone to this event, they don’t have to be part of your company. Kaiser gets two tables and they can send any twenty people they want – customers, clients, whoever. This is your table to do whatever you want with.

With your tickets, you get access to the breakouts, the shows, the entire exhibitor hall, everything that happens. It’s like an all-access pass. And we have some really great panelists this year!

Can we talk about the Sips ‘N Sweets Reception?

The Sips and Sweets event is hosted by the Westfield Galleria. After the Luncheon portion is over you’re going to come out to this amazing reception. The Westfield folks will be serving some wine and beer! (It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) There will be lots of desserts, games. There will be some nice games. This is a great opportunity to wrap up your networking opportunities.


This event draws people of so many different backgrounds. The attendees aren’t just coming to learn, they’re coming to walk away with something they didn’t have before, whether that be new customers or new connections.

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